John Newman and Sam Mackay are the founders of Apteligen Limited, providing specialist consultancy services to the public sector. They share a passion for information and how it can be translated and applied in ways which enable better management and decision making. Their focus is to help organisations gather, analyse and interpret information in order to make sustainable improvements in the quality of public services.

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John Newman

B Physiotherapy,


Tel: 07789 896022

John has over 15 years of experience working with the public sector, both in the UK and in Australia.  The majority of this has been in the areas of healthcare and health improvement. He began his career as a Physiotherapist working in large teaching hospitals in Australia and has since worked in a number of senior leadership positions, including with the Healthcare Commission, North East London Strategic Health Authority, Newham University Hospital NHS Trust, and as a Principal Consultant within the health and social care consultancy practice at the Matrix Knowledge Group.

John has a broad range of skills and experience which includes: business planning, service evaluation and redesign, corporate governance, risk management, health informatics, and performance management.  He is able to offer a unique combination of technical ‘know-how’ with an ability to employ techniques which result in effective engagement with partners and stakeholders.

Examples of John’s experience include:

  • Working with local authorities to develop business cases for investment in health improvement, to inform guidance and learning about ‘what works’.
  • Providing expert input to support the redesign and improvement of diagnostics services at a large London teaching hospital;
  • Leading a large-scale study to evaluate the impact of an investment programme to provide more integrated care for primary care patients in London.

Find out more about the projects John has been involved in, or download a copy of John’s profile.

Sam Mackay

BSc Mathematics, MSc Management Science


Tel: 07866 463434

Sam is experienced in applying analytical approaches which generate insight and support the development of innovative and practical solutions. She combines the technical skills required to ’crunch the numbers’ with a passion for making data accessible, and an ability to interpret, present and use information to support decision makers.

Sam’s background is in mathematics and management science. She began her career at undertaking strategic modelling projects at Royal Mail. Since then she has worked with a variety of public sector clients, working across health, housing, criminal justice and the Third Sector. This has included: scenario analysis, capacity planning, demand modelling, needs assessment and the development of bespoke tools for end-users. Through her involvement in a diverse portfolio of projects she has developed a deep understanding of data and the limitations of how it can be employed.  Her pragmatic approach to modelling and analysis, together with an appreciation of the way information can be used, enables her to deliver both robust and innovative analytical projects.

Examples of Sam’s experience include:

  • Analysis of police data to inform the design of new interventions;
  • The development of quantitative models comparing the before and after impacts of a variety of health interventions, and exploring the impact of scaling-up these approaches to a national level;
  • Examining information needs and existing data sources and providing advice on the most economically appropriate future data collection requirements.

Find out more about the projects Sam has been involved in, or download a copy of Sam’s profile.

Partners & associates

Apteligen works with a number of highly skilled and well regarded partners and associates, covering a wide range of sectors. This enables us to provide additional specialist expertise, professional advice and complimentary skills for our clients. Our network provides extra capacity for our larger engagements and helps to strengthen the quality of our outputs.