Evaluation of Made With Many

What we did:

Apteligen is currently carrying out work, over a period of five years, to evaluate the reach, impact and legacy of the Made with Many programme in North Northamptonshire. The evaluation framework was codesigned with the Made with Many team and we have supported the team to make a number of changes to their data collection tools, and also introduced a number of new evaluation methods in order to reflect the needs and challenges associated with evaluating arts based interventions in a range of different settings.

How we did it:

This evaluation involves a mix of methods, including surveys, interviews and reflective diaries, to assess the impact of a range of different creative projects on those involved (both artists and participants / audiences) and the wider communities within which this work is taking place. Demographic data is also collected in order to understand the reach into those communities least likely to engage in the arts.

What the project achieved:

This evaluation will provide evidence about the reach, impact and legacy of the Made With Many programme across the target communities in North Northamptonshire, and learning about the effectiveness of the community-led model adopted by the programme. This will help to inform future funding for place-based creative projects and the types of approaches that are likely to be most effective at generating positive place-based change. 

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