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We help public sector and charitable organisations gather, analyse and use all types of data and information in new ways, so that they can make sustainable improvements in everything they do.


Do you want to better understand the difference you make for individuals and communities, and the social and economic value this generates?

We undertake mixed-method formative and summative evaluations at the level of whole systems, and for individual programmes, services and pilot projects. We bring the latest thinking relating to the evaluation of complex interventions, including adopting the principles of developmental evaluation and the use of participatory and creative methods to maximise the breadth and depth of evidence, and the quality of the results. We use recognised metrics, and design bespoke measures, in order to focus on measuring the things that are most important for each individual project.

Data for impact

Do you want to improve the systems and processes you have in place to collect, analyse and use data in order to better measure and demonstrate your impact, and track your progress towards longer term goals?

We undertake data audits and whole data system reviews, covering both the technical side of data collection and analysis, and the different ways in which people interact with and use data across the organisation. We will work with you to define the data you need to support your strategic and operational goals, identify gaps, design the necessary data collection tools, and develop action plans for improvement. Alongside this, we will provide specific advice in relation to data security and compliance with data protection regulations. We can train and support your staff on how to make better use of the data available to them, and how best to tell robust and compelling impact stories. And we can link you with a range of additional resources that will support continuous improvement.

Culture change

Do you want to foster a positive culture towards data-driven practice throughout your organisation, and create an environment in which the use of data and evidence is regarded as both a strategic and an operational priority?

Through interactive workshops, training, user research and bespoke advice, we can support you to better understand the data assets in your organisation, measure your existing data ‘culture’, and develop and implement plans for creating a more data-driven organisational culture. We can advise on the skills, capacity, organisational structures, and resources needed to shift your internal data culture, within the context of a wider data strategy, and with the aim of directly supporting your organisation’s longer term ambitions.


Do you want to explore the potential impact you can make under different scenarios, or the economic and cost benefit of your work? Are you committed to delivering services that make the best use of the resources available and deliver financial benefits across the whole system?

Making the right decisions in a complex and rapidly changing environment can be hard. Through the development of bespoke modelling tools we can support leaders to make decisions that will deliver the most cost effective and value-added solutions for today’s society.

We undertake cost benefit analysis, scenario modelling, and demand and capacity planning. And we build models that can help you to measure and evalute your economic and social value.

Research & insight

Do you want to engage with your beneficiaries and key stakeholders in order to help formulate future plans? Would you like to better understand the wider contextual factors that may influence the work of your organisation now and in the future?

We carry out user and stakeholder research with people from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups, and with professionals and practitioners working in a wide range of settings, in order to support leaders to develop and consider their future strategic options. We also carry out market analysis and options appraisal, drawing on evidence from a range of different sources. We produce highly visual, clear and concise outputs in order to support strategy development and decision making at the most senior levels within public sector and charitable organisations.

The work carried out by Apteligen has provided a good evidence base to take forward our work to develop information for young people affected by Cancer. The report provided was comprehensive and accessible, with excellent evidence based suggestions as to how we could respond to the needs highlighted through the research.

Project Manager, Cancer Charity

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