Evaluation of the Carers Active Campaign

What we did:

Apteligen is currently undertaking a two-year formative evaluation of a national intervention that aims to increase levels of physical activity among unpaid carers, and the role that different parts of the system can play on improving the health and wellbeing of this group of people (local care and support services, health, and sport and leisure providers).

This project has adopted the COM-B model of behaviour change, and our evaluation has been designed to specifically gather evidence and insights on the extent to which the intervention is able to address motivation, opportunity and capability for people to adopt more active lifestyles.

How we did it:

We are using a mix of methods, including in-depth interviews with unpaid carers, tracking the progress of a defined cohort of those receiving the intervention (using both quantitative and qualitative data), and making comparisons with population level secondary data (such as Sport England’s active lives survey). Evidence and learning is being shared at regular intervals during the evaluation.

What the project achieved:

This evaluation will generate learning and insights about the potential for a national campaign to influence behaviour change in relation to promoting more active lifestyles among unpaid carers, and the extent to which it can bring different parts of the system together, at both national and local levels, to support improved health and wellbeing. Our reports are framed around Sport England’s wider strategic ambitions, including how the campaign helps to tackle persistent and stark health inequalities, and how this work supports Sport England’s key values of collaboration, inclusivity, ambition, and innovation.

A copy of the interim evaluation report is available here.

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