Evaluating the impact of new models of care for children and young people

What we did:

Apteligen carried out a system-wide process and impact evaluation of a major transformation programme for children and young people’s emotional and mental wellbeing services, across Southend, Essex and Thurrock.

How we did it:

The evaluation involved the co-design of a Theory of Change for the new service model (including its links into the wider system, and the development of key outcome measures), face to face and online engagement with over 400 professionals from health, social care, education, and charities (involving surveys, workshops and interviews), and analysis of service and outcome data.

What the project achieved:

Our final report included a number of recommendations for improvement, designed to support commissioners to further embed the new service model at a local level, build capacity and capability across the workforce, and strengthen whole system co-ordination, decision-making and information sharing.

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