Justice Together Initiative and Justice Lab data practitioner support

Apteligen and Kerry McCarthy (Apteligen Associate) were commissioned by the Justice Together Initiative and the Justice Lab (a Legal Education Foundation initiative) to provide data practitioner support to the legal advice organisations in the North East Partnership (North East Law Centre, Justice First, and North of England Refugee Service). 

Over an eight-month period we:

How we did it:

We worked collaboratively with the legal advice organisations to explore data extracts from their case management systems relating to clients that fall under the work of the partnership and we used MySQL, QGIS, Excel, Venngage, and Canva to analyse and visualise the data. We ran workshops with staff members to advance their understanding of the role of data in their work and recognise their aspirations for data use in their organisations. We ran ‘data flow’ mapping sessions with the organisations to understand the current collection, storage, and sharing of data across the partnership and consider the ‘touch points’ where different forms of data could be collected or shared. 

What the project achieved:

The project provided the individual organisations with a greater understanding of how their data could support their work, how they could tell stories about the work that they do using their data, and the next steps for advancing their data journey. For other legal advice organisations, funders, and non-profit data support practitioners, the project report brings together learning from the process to inform future data practitioner projects.

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A copy of the learning report is available here.

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